Should do preventive maintenance on your vehicle?

Do you perform preventive maintenance on your vehicle?


Have you ever thought of any benefits of performing preventive maintenance on your vehicle ?

There are many advantages that you have when you develop a habit of performing preventive maintenance on your car or truck.

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Mobile Mechanic Toronto Performs Vehicle Maintenance

You may consider yourself too busy but setting time aside to have your car passed through preventive maintenance will save you more time.

Here are the benefits that you get after you perform preventive maintenance of your vehicle.

Increased efficiency of the vehicle. After performing the maintenance you ensure all the parts to be lubricated are well lubricated .

This will ensure your car achieves good speed and acceleration leading to increased performance.

Preventive maintenance is less costly.

Waiting until the car fails then try to repair will cost you more money, as you will incur cost of transporting the mechanic or towing the vehicle to the auto repair garage. Unless You are using a mobile mechanic.

Prevents vehicle breakdown.

A well maintained vehicle will incur fewer breakdowns because factors leading to breakdown are eliminated during preventive maintenance.

preventive maintenance Toronto

preventive maintenance Toronto

Prolongs the lifespan of the vehicle.

This is because the preventive maintenance involves inspecting the various parts of the engine. During the inspection the parts tending to start wearing off can be reinforced making the vehicle last longer.

Helps in economizing fuel consumption.

When your vehicle is passed through preventive maintenance, issues such as air fuel ratio and fuel consumption are adjusted accordingly making you use the fuel of your automobile economically.

Your safety as a driver is assured.

By performing preventive maintenance you reduce the risk of the vehicle failing abruptly leading to accidents.

During preventive maintenance it is easier to identify loosening of brakes . The brakes can be checked, cleaned and adjusted, helping to avoid fatal accidents due to brake failures when driving.

Increase reliability.

Through preventive automotive maintenance your vehicle becomes more reliable. This is because vulnerable parts of the vehicle are tested and maintained.

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Owners Manual Contain a Service Schedule












Here is a good video about maintaining engine coolant/antifreeze


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What does a mobile auto mechanic do?

A mobile mechanic pretty much does anything a regular automotive repair garage can do.

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mobile car repair wherever you are!

Of course you probably know that mobile auto mechanics generally service emergency breakdown repairs because they can come right to where your vehicle is broke down.

But you might not know that they also can do vehicle maintenance services to keep your new car warranty intact. Also they can provide used car inspections, and safety inspection on your present automobile.

Mobile car mechanics do just about any automotive repair possible with or without a garage for example;

Brakes, oil and filter changes, tune-ups, timing belt, check engine lights, water pumps, front end work, steering, batteries, electrical problems, fuel injection, suspension, and pretty much everything else.

Call your local mobile mechanic for details on what types of repairs they may or may not cover.

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By dealing with¬† mobile mechanic’s you will save yourself both time and money as a mechanic travels to your location, this frees up your time by you not having to arrange for babysitters, travel across the city to drop your car off at a garage, get rides home on the bus, or taxi or inconvenience your friends.

By having your vehicle repaired by a mobile automotive mechanic you also save money because the mobile mechanic does not have a large overhead of maintaining a conventional repair shop. You may also save money by not needing to get you car or truck towed into a repair shop.

Once you use a mobile mechanic to have your vehicle serviced and repaired you’ll never go back to traditional auto repair because you will find the benefits of mobile auto repair just too amazing.


As when looking for a good mechanic or auto repair garage, do your homework to find a reputable one.


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Forgotten Automotive Fluids could cost you dearly

There are many automotive fluids that need regular changing not just your engine oil.


Most car owners nowadays are well aware of the fact that the engine oil and filter need to be changed on a regular occurrence to save your motor from an early death and unnecessary premature wear.

However a lot of people do not realize that there are other vital expensive components in their vehicle that also have oil or fluid that should be changed regularly as well to save money over the long haul.

These other Auto Fluids are;

dirty-differential oil

contaminated differential oil

Automatic Transmission Fluid
Manual transmission oil
Differential Fluid
Transfer case fluid if four wheel drive
Brake Fluid

The price to repair and or replace the components lubricated by these fluids can

easily cost $500.00 – $4000.00

As a minimum follow the car manufactures recommendations for when to replace

or flush these fluids.

clean differential oil

clean differential oil

Some fluid change intervals in my opinion are too long, if you’re sure you will be keeping

your car or truck for more than 5 years, I suggest changing out these fluids at
mileages between 60,000 kilometers to 80,000 kms.

This preventive maintenance will save you a lot of money,

and give you a more reliable automobile.

These fluids should be checked for proper level and any contamination on
each engine oil change.


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