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Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer

This dealership is the best place to buy used cars in Fredericton NB. And possibly in all of Canada.

Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals has been selling pre-owned vehicles for over 40 years. They have earned an unbeatable great reputation by treating their customers like gold and doing the right thing every time.

You know that I always highly recommend a vehicle pre-purchase inspection because there is nothing worse than buying a used vehicle then finding our you need $2500 or more in repair or maintenance expenses in the first 3 months. However at Wheels and Deals their in house licensed and caring mechanics look over and properly service every vehicle. It is the things you do not see that make the biggest differences. Like cleaning or replacing your in cabin air filters, like checking for and making sure every vehicle has all recalls properly completed and up to date. Plus they fully service and properly inspect your vehicle 200% above industry standards and they stand behind their Motor Vehicle Inspections for one year.

Inventory of Used Vehicles Fredericton

Visit or call them at:

Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals
402 St Mary’s St
Fredericton, NB
E3A 8H5
(506) 459-6832


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Phone (647) 694-3404