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Lost Car Keys? Key FOB Remotes Programing Service

Vehicle Key and Automobile Computer Programming

If you have lost or damaged your car keys and the new keys and/or the remotes/FOB’s need to be programmed, we can come right to your location and perform the re-programing right there. This Mobile service will save you time and money by not having to get your car or truck towed to the new car dealer. Phone MOBILE MECHANIC EXPERTS TORONTO @ (647) 694-3404 with any questions you may have.

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Once we have your new car key, the anti-theft immobilizer & remote functions need to be programmed before the key will be able to start the engine or be able to control the remote central locking system. With the help of the newest programming machines, we can recode the transponder to update a key chip or key fob to properly operate all makes and models right up to 2021 present vehicles.


Have your antitheft car keys or remotes just stopped working?

Sometimes keys or the remote fob’s just stop working. When this happens and the key stops communicating with the vehicle, the reprogramming process must be carried out and this will return full functionality back to the key. We can test the system and find out why things are not working properly.

Another common issue is the battery in your car key losing all its power. In most cases the battery can simply be replaced and won’t require any programming. Some models however will require reprogramming or synchronization before they will fully function again.

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